Will Professor Slots Really Help You Win at Slot Machines?

Will Professor Slots Really Help You Win at Slot Machines?

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Recently I got a text from a companion of mine – another betting essayist – who inquired as to whether I had significant familiarity with “Teacher Slots.”

The name rang a bell, however I was unable to recollect that anything explicit enough about the site to have an assessment.

Along these lines, I visited his site, and presently I have something enjoyable to expound on. Teacher Slots offers “instructing” for gaming machine players. Also, his site is undeniably more expert and conceivable than most framework merchants’ locales.

In any case, might he at any point truly assist you with succeeding at gambling machines?

I have a few sentiments now that I’ve invested some energy in his site.

Is Professor Slots Really a Professor? (The Short Answer Is “Yes.”)

Indeed, he wears a tie in the welcome video on the landing page of his site.

Also, you can see different outlined authentications on the wall behind his work area. On the off chance that that weren’t sufficient, he had piles of books on the work area behind him. (They were generally essential for the “for Dummies” series.)

What more proof do you want about Professor Slots’ accreditations?

Truly, however, I watched his invite video, and he gives one of the additional persuading clarifications I’ve seen from a “betting master.”

He is Jon Friedl, and he professes to instruct as an assistant lecturer at 2 colleges. He additionally says he has 8 degrees on the wall behind him, and he proposes that you see his work history on Linkedin. He likewise specifies that he’s an aviation design specialist, and the classes he educates are for the most part about design acknowledgment, choice examination, and framework reproductions.

Digging Deeper Into Professor Slots’ Identity and Credentials

Yet, when I visited LinkedIn and looked for both “Jon Friedl” and “John Friedl,” none of the outcomes appeared to be a counterpart for our Professor Slots. On another glance, however, maybe the leader of Jon Friedl, LLC, is the teacher I’m searching for.

It truly does for sure appear as though he has the accreditations he guarantees. He burned through 9 years and 5 months at Iowa State University, then, at that point, 6 years and 2 months at Pratt and Whitney. That was evidently trailed by 8 years and a half year at General Electric Aviation.

Furthermore, he’s presently an assistant lecturer at the University of Cincinnati, where he’s worked for more than 8 years. At the point when I did a quest for his name + “College of Cincinnati,” I got a pamphlet from the University reporting that he’d joined the personnel there.

I’ll just own it. I believed that a little examination would track down nothing on the web to confirm his cases, yet a modern day miracle. There’s a lot on the web to help his resume.

Gracious, and before it slips my mind, he likewise makes sense of in his video that he has won 90 available bonanzas over the most recent couple of months and a vehicle. I ought to bring up that anybody who plays spaces long enough can win available big stakes, yet that doesn’t mean you’re beneficial.

I can purchase 1000 lottery tickets for a dollar each and win $500, yet there’s nothing noteworthy about a net $500 deficit.

In any event, Slots, otherwise known as John Friedl, appears to be a sufficiently warm individual, and I feel like I’d like him. However, i don’t know he brings a lot to the table for me as far as succeeding at gaming machine betting. Yet, I don’t know it all, and he appears to be more straightforward than the vast majority giving suggestions about how to succeed with regards to betting.

I will take a gander at what else his site offers to the general population.

Ace Casino Slots – Win Your Way to Success!

The above text is the title that he uses to urge you to pursue his “free report.” It’s the most noticeable thing on his site, as well – it’s at the top, and it’s difficult to miss.

At the point when you click on the connection, it takes you to a membership page where he offers a free report with:

“Top 7 web-based assets for further developing your betting execution (counting the one I’ve utilized as a top-level gaming machine card shark).”

I’m somewhat of a pro at creating titles, and this one is phenomenal. For those not in the loop, including a numeral works on the chances of having somebody click on and read your page. Remembering something for bracket makes the similar end result. You’ll see that a large number of the blog entries here have comparative titles, and there’s a justification for that.

In this way, I’m dazzled with his advertising skills, despite the fact that I’m as yet distrustful about the sort of exhortation I can anticipate from the site.

I quickly received an email inviting me to his substance refreshes. It incorporates a see of what I can hope to get from him consistently for the following week, which incorporates a receiving began email, an email about surveying club, one more about picking gambling machines, one about recognizing betting objectives, and a last email about private training.

After the main week, I can expect messages making me aware of the furthest down the line updates to his site during the last week. Everything looks OK. Gracious, and I got the PDF report I was guaranteed.

It’s not awful. It incorporates connections to 7 genuine assets about betting, including a connection to Steve Bourie’s American Casino Guide, which is a basic book. It likewise has a connection to Bob Dancer’s digital recording, a connection to Michael Shackleford’s site, and a connection to the Gamblers General Store.

I’ll tell the truth. I was expecting some faltering club betting framework stuff, however up until this point, Jon Friedl appears to be pretty genuine. The most horrendously terrible thing I can express so far is that the attempt to seal the deal is beyond absurd. The free item itself is downplayed and valuable.

It likewise incorporates a connection to the Professor’s rundown of top 25 openings tips.

The Top 25 Tips for Winning Slots Players

I’m at long last getting to some truly substantial stuff where I can assess the genuine exhortation presented by Professor Slots. This is the very thing I read on his tips for spaces players page and my thought process of it.

The rundown gets going OK by recommending that you in all actuality do stuff like saving records for charge purposes and joining the players club at the gambling clubs. That is adequately innocuous.

He then proposes you play more seasoned gaming machines set to higher compensation rates. He offers no great reason for how to recognize more seasoned gaming machines set to higher recompense rates from more established gambling machines set to more established restitution rates, yet that may very well be a stating issue.

Assuming you’ve perused quite a bit of what I’ve expounded on spaces here, you definitely realize that more seasoned, more clear machines will generally have a higher restitution rate in any case.

The Value of Tips Versus Mere Vague Observations

A significant number of the tips aren’t actually tips by any means as in they offer you no move to make. A large number of them are only perceptions about club, betting, or spaces. That is OK, yet it’s not really accommodating.

He proposes finding gaming machines at or close to the furthest limit of lines where a many individuals bunch. This is antiquated gaming machine counsel that has been exposed.

He additionally recommends that you ought to play these more established gambling machines ought to be played as far as might be feasible, in shifts if important, until the chances are genuinely different as per the club’s timetable. I think this last suggestion is questionable. I don’t know that most club actually change the compensation rates on these games, yet regardless of whether they, they never transform them to 100 percent or higher.

Furthermore, that is the very thing you’d have to create predictable gains from openings – a restitution rate higher than 100 percent.

A Tentative Grade for Professor Slots

At the point when I began composing this, I completely expected to give Professor Slots an “F,” or a “D, best case scenario.

Incidentally, he gets a strong C+.

I haven’t investigated his site in colossal detail. All things considered, he’s distributed a ton of content – not which is all effortlessly processed. For instance, a large part of the substance on the site is as digital recordings, and I lack opportunity and willpower to pay attention to that.

I truly have the opportunity to understand content, however, and the 2 bits of content I read completely were superior to I of 7 assets that he sent me through PDF was fine, yet it didn’t offer me anything with regards to expanding my chances of succeeding at openings. The article on his site that he highlighted – the 25 ways to win more at gambling machines – was a mix of obscure perceptions with tired exhortation, some of which has been exposed quite a while in the past.

Here is an illustration of a ‘Obscure Observation’:

“Understanding the historical backdrop of gambling machine improvement gives knowledge into the following mechanical progressions to anticipate.”

That is not sufficiently explicit to assist the typical player with winning genuine cash playing openings.


You can find far more awful gambling machine framework merchants to follow than Professor Slots. Assuming you don’t realize anything about gaming machines, you can discover some exact, helpful data on his site.

What he can’t do – and what no gaming machine master can do – is show you how to get a reliable numerical edge against the gambling club gaming machines.

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